What my stilettos taught me about inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.15.33 AMFor as long as I can remember, I have worn high heels. I often joke that I was born in them. I have 2, 4, 6-inch heels in virtually every color, every designer and even in both open and closed toes. I could never have imagined a time when I would not be suited up in my stilettos, having grown up in the advertising business where I had to adapt to environments and processes that often constrained new ways of thinking. But, when I moved to Dumbo to start my own business. I left my heels in Manhattan…and never realized how liberating it would truly be.

Believe me I tried to strut my 6-inch beauties around the cracked cement corners and cobblestone blocks. Besides almost breaking my neck, the whole thing robbed my shoes of their dignity. It was then I realized that the move to work in Dumbo came at a price. I traded in part of my style to be inspired by the rough edges, and amazing sights and sounds of a neighborhood filled with creativity. It made me question the whole notion of style over substance. Do we compensate in life with style choices because we are often uninspired by our surroundings?

This dynamic is often revealed in countless meetings when brand builders grasp for the “sizzle” because the hard work of building substance is just too tedious. It’s much easier to focus on the logistics of making things happen – hire a cool director or a sexy model, link to a powerful social media influencer, or give incentives away! It’s a seductive process. It moves fast, and logistics make it easy to direct a project to the finish line. Many of those ideas lead brands down a precarious road. They are short-term hits. Style over Substance. They provide a look, a feel, but they sometimes cause marketers to miss the opportunity to find sustainable inspiration on their business. At The Baiocco And Maldari Connection, we believe in doing the hard work it takes to get to a collection of choiceful words that define the meaning of the brand’s intention and how it will impact consumers. We call it the One-Shot AnswerTM. Once that phrase is realized, the creativity explodes. Creating inspiration and meaning for a brand unleashes its true power. A mark that every brand can find and deserves.

So you might ask aside from a flirty opening, what the hell do my shoes have to with anything? Well let’s just say, when I left them behind, DUMBO provided new inspiration. I’m ready to strut, just not in stilettos.

Maureen Maldari
The Baiocco And Maldari Connection

TheBamThinks #13


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